Caritas Czech Republic (CCR) is a non-profit organization which provides assistance to people in need within the Czech Republic and abroad. CCR is a member of the Caritas Internationalis network, an association of 165 national Caritas organizations and a member of the Caritas Europa. CCR is primarily working in its home country focusing on mothers with children, homeless, physically or mentally disabled, socially deprived families, elderly people, migrants, refugees and prisoners. Its long-term priorities abroad in the field of development cooperation are education, improvement of livelihood, knowledge and skills of local partners. CCR is actively involved in providing humanitarian assistance to the countries hit by natural disasters or armed conflicts. Its major goal is to fight poverty and social exclusion throughout the world. CCR is currently operating two missions, one in Mongolia and another one in Haiti. CCR is also implementing activities in Cambodia, Georgia, Moldova, Chechnya, Syria and sub-Saharan countries. CCR is also engaged in global development education aiming to raise awareness about lives of people in developing countries and the linkages to life of people in Europe and to improve understanding of global issues affecting their situation. Since 2013, CCR has been one of the implementing partners of the EcoFair project.