"Reichtum" - David Schittek (EcoFair Media)

The short documentary "Reichtum" ("Riches") by David Schittek is one of six winning projects presented at "EcoFair Media – Good food for all!" that artistically and substantively tackle the issue of the human right to food. A presentation of the projects will be held on January 2016 at 4PM at the Heinrich Böll Foundation in Berlin.

Brief description

Tobias recently moved from Berlin to the north of the federal state of Brandenburg. He was driven by his desire to grow his own vegetables, keep livestock and to slow down his life. At present, Tobias is in his “development phase”. He has made a plot of land ready for cultivation and is preparing to plant tomatoes, potatoes etc. He is also focussing increasingly on the question of whether he can slaughter his own animals. He believes that the way the majority of society deals with meat consumption is more than schizophrenic: “People buy meat saturated in antibiotics in a supermarket, and then they get excited and write letters to the press if the ʽTV film of the week’ shows a chicken being slaughtered. If I can't slaughter meat myself, the only option is to become a vegetarian” he says. The documentary “Riches” observes Tobias in his everyday life and explores whether it is possible to eat what you love.

Entry I

[Pictures: Malte Eiben (sound), Tobias Wilhelm (protagonist), David Schittek (director+camera)]

Arrival. We couldn't contact Tobias all day, and nobody is replying to our knocking at the door. When we enter the farmyard and look for our protagonist in the shed, the only signs of life are the quacking of the ducks and the rabbit's interested gaze. I am starting to expect the worst, but then we see Tobias in the distance, coming across the field. He is wearing suit trousers, smart shoes and a jacket with a synthetic fur collar. He replies to our questioning looks by saying: “I just feel like dressing formally today”. He insists that we, too, should get dressed up before the evening meal. “I still have some stuff from my time at the Berghain Club”, he says, and points us to a wardrobe.

Entry II

[Picture: Tobias and the rabbit]

Yesterday the rabbit disappeared. Tobias and the neighbour's daughter ran around with torches calling its name. Although Tobias did this with an ironic grin on his face, it was still clear that the rabbit was very much on his heart.

Eventually it began to rain and the pair stopped searching. Next morning Olaf was there again, running around the farmyard. When he saw Tobias he ran up to him and sat on his foot.

Entry III

[Picture: Tobias at the letter box]

An unknown car bumps along the village street. At the window opposite, a woman's face appears from behind the curtains, and her eyes follow the car which then turns into the driveway of another neighbour. The sound engineer and I have to laugh about this typical village scene – but Tobias isn't laughing. We do not yet know that he has also already perfected the sceptical “what does he want here?” look.

David Schittek

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