Fact sheet: Factors for ensuring food security in Africa



As agricultural policy and policies aimed at strengthening food security are inseparable in many developing countries, any changes concerning agriculture also have a major impact on ensuring the food security of the African population. But over the final twenty years of the twentieth century the agriculture sector witnessed serious political indiff erence and a gradual decline.

The slow reversal of this trend did not begin until the beginning of the new millennium and the adoption of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), when politicians in Africa and wealthy donor countries realised the key role played by agriculture in solving hunger and poverty. An explanation is simple: 80% of those suff ering hunger are small-scale farmers, fishermen, herdsmen and wage labourers without their own land, i.e. people directly tied to the production of food.

This fact sheet therefore addresses the fl ow of money into the agricultural sector and projects connected with the lease of agricultural land in African countries, a trend that has become the target of growing criticism for fl agrant violations of human rights and the destruction of natural resources.