Study: Introducing the Right to Food in University Curricula
Study: Foreign Direct Investment in Agri-Food Networks in India and Sub-Saharan Africa
Right to Food: Series of Lectures & Discussions at European Universities
"Reichtum" - David Schittek (EcoFair Media)
"Our Daily Bread" – Pavel Ruzyak (EcoFair Media)


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Glopolis issued a briefing paper focusing on the roots and characteristic of hunger in the world.
What happens to the agricultural and food system if the oil is scarce and expensive?
Trade and Food Reserves: What role does the WTO play?
Preface of the Study "Climate Change and the Right to Food"
In the developing countries the foreign direct investment increase significantly. Ethiopia is particularly interesting for foreign investors.
A case study of the impact of high food prices on Kenyan agricultural producers.
Creating an Opportunity for fairer and more Sustainable Food and Agriculture Systems Worldwide
The World Trade Organization advises on reform of international agricultural trade. But the proposed changes do not bode well for the future of agriculture worldwide.